The Presence Between You and Me _ The connection of two objects

“Relationship” means it only appears, at least when two objects must encounter, correspond, and react. The “membrane”, which does not exist visually, is an expression of infinite space created between two objects through the expression of gaps or lines. I also think it is like a record of living life in mixed worlds created by infinite space.
People feel emotional distance from one another. It is not a sense of physical distance but also emotional one too. Accordingly, I have been working on visualizing the feeling of my alienation against others and the psychology of self-protective instinct using keyword “membrane” on a flat plane and space. Things that surround me from outside and borders my existence exist beyond a thin membrane that is enveloping myself and has a distinct border. Therefore, I believe the psychological response and physical senses that I feel as I go across the border called “myself” and interact with other people are continuously accumulating. That is, “I” am a membrane that exists to protect myself from the outside world but also a vulnerable being that is constantly affected by it. 
And, the sky and the sea I use in my work mean two objects. The sky and the sea seem to be in physical contact, but in fact, they cannot reach each other; the one is above, and the other below. They do however communicate the existence of each other through the presence of water. I feel this reflects on the relationship between people and the world that I have known as I live. My works are about all of these corresponding relationships.

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