Chae & Youngeun Gallery
The name of this project is Chae & Youngeun Gallery. In order to carry out this project, We could install a work like a gallery, but We wanted to create a new space suitable to present a space of a new type. The material used to construct this space was 18mm of MDF and wheels, and the space was not created with cube shape. The size of all the faces constituting the space is 122 x 180 (cm), and the wheels are attached so that when the space is shown to the audience, it can move anywhere to install the space outside not installed internally. Therefore, this Chae & Youngeun Gallery space presents a new space. It can be exhibited anywhere in the daily life of people.

Chae Lee
The shape of this space comes from the booth in the art fair, and it may look like a booth, but it is called the exhibition space, not the name of the booth. I would like to exhibit that breaks the format on the white cube, not universal gallery format. It is expected that the exhibition will be free to approach and enjoy works of art, rather than the exhibition space in the square shape where they are trapped.

Youngeun Kim
It is not aim to show a lot of works, but to present and offer a new art form. I would like to plan to exhibit new exhibitions and new cultural formats by using new and changing environment, and not always displaying works according to the gallery and the prescribed regulations and the given format. This space can be moved, and depending on the work, it is also possible to change the shape of the space. Therefore, rather than asking the artist to find the exhibition venue and considering the installation of the work in accordance with the exhibition space, it makes the artist consider the place (environment) to be exhibited and makes him or her think about the context and connection between the place (environment) and the work of the artist. The presentation of this new space aims not only to make the art more accessible to the public, but also to try to break through the situation where the artist becomes impatient with the place. 

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