Sit-down (Emotionally Imbued Reality Space Ⅰ), Wood, Lighting, Installation, 2016
Lie Down (Emotionally Imbued Reality Space Ⅱ), Wood, Lighting, Fabric, Installation, 2016
Stand (Emotionally Imbued Reality Space Ⅲ), Wood, Lighting, Mixed media, Installation, 2016
Drawing Membrane in the Inner World, Mixed media on canvas, 108 x 108 cm, 2016
Carrying the Skins of Life To Be Born, Fabric, Zipper, Installation, 2016
Layers of Layers, Installation, 2015~2016
Building within oneself, Oil on canvas, 486.6 x 130.3 cm, 2016
Expression of Each and Every Membrane 30 Pieces, Canvas, Oil(-based) paint, Installation, 2015~2016
108 + α, Oil(-based) paint on canvas, 22.5 x 27 cm, Installation, 2015~2016

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